Memberships for Sale

Existing memberships may be purchased from members who are moving or wish to sell their memberships, sometimes at a discounted price.  The transfer fee is $50.​​

No members currently have a membership for sale.


Joining Quail Ridge Tennis & Swim Club, Sanford NC

​Five classes of membership are offered.

1.  Regular membership:  These members pay an initial fee, are issued a stock certificate and become part        owner of the club.  The membership is transferable with the approval of the Board of Directors.
2.  Military membership:  This membership is available only to active duty members of the military services and is  valid for a maximum of three years. 

3.  Associate membership:  This membership is available only to non-resident immediate family of regular members and is issued as a rider on the regular members stock certificate.
4.  Tennis Only Membership:  Gives the member unlimited use of the tennis courts only.

5.  Renters Membership:  $500 for 3 years only, can be applied to a regular membership after 3 years.         
Rental memberships will  be offered to renters within Quail Ridge subdivision.

Current Membership Prices 
Regular Membership       $1,000.00    
Renters Membership       $500.00
Military Membership        $400.00
Associate Membership       $0.00
Tennis Only Membership    $0.00 

Quarterly Dues:

In addition to any initial membership charges all members are charged quarterly dues, presently $100 a quarter ($400.00 per year). 

Tennis Only Memberships will pay $25 per quarter.

Quarterly dues may be paid using the Venmo app.

Applying for membership is easy. 
Simply fill out an application and mail or deliver with your check to any Board Member.  Anyone interested in joining the pool may contact any board member to arrange for a visit to try out our facility.

The preferred method of payment for dues is Venmo mobile payment service; however, you may also pay via check made payable to the Quail Ridge Swim and Tennis Club.

Visit the Venmo website at or download the app for additional information.

@QuailRidge-PoolandTennis is our account name.