Contact by email at

Physical Address: 5700 Quail Ridge Drive, Sanford, NC 27332

Mailing Address: Quail Ridge Tennis and Swim Club    P. O. Box 824   Sanford, NC  27331

Board Members:

President: Martin Bryant,

Vice President:  Arianna Thompson, 

Treasurer:  Vacant, duties currently performed by a non-board member

Secretary: Amy McNeill,, also Webmaster

Annette Bullard, or 919-770-0828

​Connie Dean, or 919-775-9708

Dara Scotton, or 919-935-7598

​Please Note: Board member updates to be posted soon.

Other Quail Ridge Websites

You can learn more about the Quail Ridge community by visiting the Property Owners Website

at .

Learn about the Quail Ridge Golf Course here:


How to arrange a party.

Please contact the board at . Notices should be posted one week in advance of the parties dates and times.  Regular members will still be able to access the pool during the parties if they wish.  Pool should be left clean with trash bagged up and lights turned off. 


Any member who is current on their dues can schedule one party per year at no cost.  Any member with no outstanding dues can schedule more than one party a year at a cost of $50 for each extra party.


Non-members can schedule a party with prior pool board approval.

Non-members pay a $250.00 rental fee and are limited to a two hour rental.

Adult supervision is required at all times when renting the pool (25 and older).

If pool facilities are not cleaned up to the liking of the pool board, a $50.00 fee will be assessed.

No lifeguards are furnished at the pool.

Renters agree to follow Cub rules & regulations and maintain proper conduct while on Club property.

Party guest limit is 40 people unless otherwise approved by the Club Board. You may request to increase the party guest limit to 50 people maximum for and additional $50.00 with approval being at the discretion of the Club Board.

No private parties allowed. Members will still have access to the pool during the rental period.

The Club Board reserves the right to refuse pool rental to non-members.

COVID-19 pandemic policies may also affect our typical policies.